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Brokerage services

Brokerage services

We specialize in servicing institutional and corporate clients, banks, insurance and management companies, as well as foundations and high-net-worth individuals

VTB Capital Broker provides the following:

Brokerage Services
Direct access to leading foreign markets when using the following technologies:
  • Mobile application “VTB My Investments”
  • Direct access via a single Quik terminal or voice application
  • Foreign market trade order submissions are accepted up until 23.50 Moscow time
  • Foreign security storage through NSD (Moscow Exchange Group)
Direct access to the Moscow Stock Exchange
  • Securities Market – OFZ and corporate bonds, shares, OMF, ETF, MPC, depositary receipts
  • Derivatives Market - futures contracts, index contracts, currencies, metals
  • FX Market - RUR, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and CNY
  • Money market - REPO with CC (shares, bonds, CCP), SWAP
  • Direct access via Quik terminal
  • Margin Lending
OTC Market
  • The possibility of foreign currency placements in Russian and Foreign Company Eurobonds in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and CNY currencies
  • The OTC market presents instruments absent from the market stock exchange. Transactions between participants are completed directly, without exchanges
Liquidity Management
  • VTB One-Day Bonds
  • REPO with CCP with Securities
  • REPO with CCP with GCC
  • Market rates and flexible commissions
  • Ease of dealing
  • Self-enrollment in QUIK
  • Flexible accommodation time from 10:00 to 19:00
Currency Exchange operations
  • Ability to see the current market rate
  • Savings: the difference between bid and ask prices (spread) - less than 1 cop.
  • Making deals from 10:00 to 23:50
  • Partial collateral is possible
  • You can make a deal at the current exchange rate or the desired rate
  • Currency risk hedging
  • Lending with Rubles on currency pledges and currency on Ruble pledges

What are you getting

  • A multi-currency brokerage account (EUR, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and CNY);
  • Incomplete trading (margin lending);
  • Loans by securities;
  • Direct and reverse repo operations;
  • Operational management of liquidity, cash and paper balances in the brokerage account;
  • Cooperation with specialized foundation depositories and insurance companies;
  • Complex consulting services for managing short-term liquidity and long-term investment portfolios *
  • Efficient use of financial instruments, taking into account tax implications *
  • Infrastructure for algorithm trading.
  • VTB Team Infrastructure and Expertise for Hedging Transactions *

* VTB Capital Broker provides information, analytical and consulting support, provides complex support regarding the corporate and private client investment process, as well as provides investment recommendations only as part of the Investment Consulting Agreement.

Ways of submitting trade orders:

Voice and paper orders

Direct market access of client’s trading systems

QUIK trading terminal

Direct connectivity to exchange gateways via (native protocols)

How to become a client

Stock market services are provided based on the "Regulations for the provision of services in financial markets.” To become a VTB Capital Broker client, it is necessary to apply for stock market services and submit a complete set of documents listed in Appendix No. 3 to the Regulators.

To become a client, please, call:
Phone number: +7 (495) 380-02-72 (press. 1)
E-mail: SM@vtbcapital-broker.com