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VTB Capital Investment Management confirms its leadership position


According to first quarter results, total assets under management of VTB Capital Investment Management reached RUB 258 billion, raising it to second place in the ranking of largest management companies, according to ratings agency Expert RA and the National Ratings Agency.

Total assets grew by RUB 50 billion, which constituted 60% of total growth in the Asset Management market over the first quarter. During this period, the AM market reached RUB 3.7 trillion and the increase in assets was RUB 80 billion, which relates to 2% of total assets.

In 2013 VTB Capital Investment Management repeatedly confirmed its leadership position in the market. The company was awarded first place in the Expert RA rankings of net asset value of Closed-end Mutual Funds and amount of Pension Savings under Management in State Pension Funds, second place in the amount of pension savings under management in Non-State Pension Funds, and is now in the top 3 largest management companies according to insurance reserves and endowment fund assets. In addition to this, Ratings agency Expert RA and the National Ratings Agency both awarded the highest reliability rating. Company advances in asset management were noted by leading international agencies: VTB Capital Investment Management won first place in the category “Best Investment Strategy for Fixed Income Management” in the Private Banking & Wealth Management Survey – Russia 2014, Euromoney.

Vladimir Potapov, Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investment Management said: “Our team has made significant progress and we are pleased with the results which confirm our leadership amongst key players in the market. We regularly update our range of mutual funds to offer our shareholders new investment ideas including next generation financial instruments. These are all important components of the successful long term development of the company in the midst of the regulatory environment and rapidly changing market conditions”.

VTB Capital Investment Management VTB Capital Investment management is one of the key business divisions of VTB Capital. VTB Capital Investment Management offers professional investors world class investment solutions through its experienced and award-winning Portfolio Management, Venture Capital and Private Equity businesses. For more information, please visit www.vtbcapital-im.com.

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